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Top 5 decorative vases for wedding events in 2018

Top 5 Decorative Vases for Wedding Events

SNK Décor is a trendsetting décor provider for events, every wedding should have vases from SNK to take center stage in their table settings. Each bride wants their wedding reception to be a lasting impression and stunning. Let’s be honest, no bride wants her wedding to be reminisced as cheap. Wedding décor is the allure to the wedding, it sets the tone. SNK has some of the loveliest inventory that will have your guests in awe but here are top decorative vases for wedding events that stood out: Mercury glass pilsner vase, Mercury Glass Urn Vases, Metal Tall floor decorative vases, Tall centerpiece vases, and Metal decorative vases.

Decorative Vases for wedding events-Mercury Glass Pilsner VaseThe Mercury Glass Pilsner Vase is 24”H X 5” W and is drop dead gorgeous. There are 10 different finishes that you can choose from, picking a vase to fit the color scheme of the reception will come with ease. Imagine having the chosen floral for the wedding cascading from these vases, surround by candelabras.

Mercury Glass Urn Vase

Decorative Vases for wedding events-Mercury Glass urn Vase

The Mercury Glass Urn Vases is 29” H X 8 “W. It comes in 3 different finishes and has a more classical feel to it. The great thing about the vases at SNK if you are not a big fan of flowers you do not have to put them in the vases, they can make a statement all on their own. The Mercury Glass Urn Vases is perfect for the Bride and Groom’s table.

Metal Tall Floor Decorative Vases


 Decorative Vases for wedding events-Metal Tall Floor VaseWant to make a statement while walking down the aisle to meet your groom? The Metal Tall Floor Vases will do the trick. Place one at each end of every other row with your favorite accent decoration on top of them and watch the magic begin. They come in 3 different Aluminum Nickel finishes and are 47″H x 11″W.

Tall Centerpiece Vases

Decorative Vases for wedding events-Tall Centerpiece VaseTall Centerpiece Vases ranges from 14”H X 19” W to 43” H X 16 “W. It comes in 2 Aluminum finishes. Envision using a 43” H X 16 “W centerpiece with flowers, crystals, and glitter cascading from the vase making it a breathtaking vision once the guest walking in.

Metal Decorative Vases

Decorative Vases for wedding events-Metal Decorative VaseEqually important is the Metal Decorative Vase. If your accent in decor is metal than the Metal Decorative Vases are the pieces for you. They are available in metal finishes and dimensions.

All in all, SNK is the place to go for your special day. SNK is incomparable when it comes to providing the right items to any event. SNK has more than just vases to offer. More products can be viewed at

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